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Every December, we have our first snow, trees and menorahs come out, every store runs a 75% off sale, the lines are astronomically long in Target and I along with every other adult turns into a child.

Like a five year old child I anticipate the presents I will receive on Hannukah and savagely rip open wrapping paper. Its almost pathetic, how the smallest gift given to me while a holiday soundtrack is playing in the background makes me so happy. You can hand me a neatly wrapped safety pin and as long as there are latkes, dreidels and a menorah nearby, it is as if I received the gift of a lifetime. (my husband laughed out loud reading this. He says I would throw it back in his face, and tell him to find somewhere else to live! HA!)

Sometimes, when I look around my families Hannukah party, and every grandchild, great grandchild, obnoxious cousin and annoying aunt has managed to make it, I wonder; Would they all be here if they were not receiving a gift or some money? Sorry grandma, but they probably would NOT!

However, regardless of what your religion is, there is nothing like the month of December. Everyone is merry and celebrating. There is a sense of togetherness and gratefulness in the air that is hard to come by any other month of the year.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!




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