The Silkiest Shorts

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Outfit Details – Shorts: H&M (available in select H&M stores) Similar Here |Sweater: Banana Republic | Tights: Asos | Booties: L.A.M.B (Sold out) Similar: Here and Here | Clutch: Urban Outfitters (Sold out) Similar Here

There is a very fine line when it comes to wearing tights under shorts. When that line is crossed, you start to look like an overgrown teenager, who couldn’t afford a new winter wardrobe, and therefore had to stuff tights under her summer clothes. You want to avoid that for more reasons than one. For example, if you would like to snatch up a boyfriend for winter. Catch my drift?

My tips for avoiding the above rant is to wear shorts in winter textures and colors and keep the look really chic and feminine. Winter textures such as wool, leather, and knits and winter colors such as dark hunter greens, blacks, and navy. If you are going to go for jean shorts, make sure they are tailored and girly and not so grungy.

I love love love these shorts. They are so versatile and comfortable. I fell in love with the pajama clothing trend but never really had the balls to go full on pajama outdoors. This is my subtle take on the whole fad.

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