Snow day done right!

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Outfit Details – Skirt: Banana Republic | Shirt: Target | Coat: Spiewak | Socks: Shopbop | Tights: Uniqlo | Scarf: Calvin Klein | Hat: Nirvanna Designs Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Every time we see a few snow flakes fall from the sky, New York acts like Florida experiencing it’s first snow day. The State as a whole panics. Which is ironic, because New York should have a snow forecast down to a science by now. If this was a business, this would be considered a glitch in the system. Even Canada has learned how to fully operate and function during blizzards twice the size of the 4 inches of snow we get in New York.

I refuse to give into this insanity. Snow will not stop me. On the contrary, it motivates me. I probably am more active on a snow day than any other day of winter, just to prove this point.

This look is one example of how you can remain fashionable while dealing with an annoying winter day. Transform an outfit from bland to brilliant with these key points; Bold lip color, bright shirt, layers,  fun hat, and  sunglasses.

On a side note, if you are looking for a really warm coat I highly recommend this company, Spiewak & Sons. Not only are they super cute and flattering but you will almost forget you left the comfort and warmth of your bed.





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