Pink furrrr

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Outfit Details – Jeans: Henry & Belle | Sweater: Target | Fur Jacket: Adrienne Landau Similar Here and Here | Shoes: Versace Jeans Couture Old. Similar Here

TGIF! I always have a extra swag to my step on Fridays. The week is over and I am ready for marathons of T.V with Pinot, a night out, a shopping day in the city and some Chinese food to end it off. There is a universal fact which is, when one feels better, they dress better. Take Fridays for example. Look around your office, the street, Instagram and you will notice Plain Jane from yesterday is looking a lot better today. Unless, she is the girl who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, who drinks too much on a Thursday and is probably nursing a pretty big hangover on Friday.

If like me, you grew up with a mom who felt the need to divide all her children by the pinks and the blues, then you may have the same feelings towards pink as I do. It’s kind of like a love hate thing. I love the color, but I associate it with my childhood bedroom, my old linen, backpack with my name embroidered, Children Place scrunchies and Gap sweatshirts. It is really hard for me to feel like I am dressed appropriately for my age, whilst wearing pink. Weird but so true. Fur though, has a very sexy feel to it, maybe this is due to the whole Kimye¬†family¬†and their matching fur attire. Which takes away my association with pink and the first grade.

To dress down an article of clothing as glamorous as a fur, pair it with all casuals. Such as, jeans, big chunky sweaters you hair up and confidence.

Enjoy your weekend.



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