FW Diaries – Day 1


I believe that as one nears 24 years on this earth it is the perfect time to pop one’s fashion week cherry. Even though I am now fully supporting Uber with endless cab rides, the experience is that of no other and one I cannot wait to share with all of you.

Consider this a front row seat to NYFW through my lens. While I am enjoying the innovative haute collections designers are sending down the runway, the personal style being showcased on the streets of NYC are revolutionary. The expression and individuality that women are displaying as they walk down the concrete sidewalks turned into personal runways is the real inspiration. Women are embellished in rich fabrics, voluminous layers, furs, embroidery and extensive patterns are all the craze. The twist and personal styling exhibited on the streets have personally left me feeling very inspired

Here are my favorite snaps from the streets of NYFW day 1.



My first stop was the Honor NYC fashion show and let’s just say this show did not disappoint. In a room transported into the wilderness the designer showcased mod fabrics, brights colors, emerald silks, and laces. The designer made waves with bright colored orange, purple and blue tights. The main trends spotted here were rich colorful hues and the very anticipated return of the headband, something I have been waiting anxiously for! Honor artistically mastered the art of the sweet yet edgy avant grande aspects of design. My personal two favorite adjectives.

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I ran from one end of the city to the next for my second show, Creatures of Comfort. The wide legged pants, ponchos and over sized frocks sent down the runway brought a whole new meaning to the word comfort. The attention to every piece of fabric that appeared effortlessly draped into innovative designs was a clear demonstration of the designers artistry. Trends clearly displayed here were, over-sized pants layered with tunics, dressed and capes. And the mule, a new inventive take on the clog. I was barely able to focus on the clothing, due to the mule with it’s perfectly placed bow perched on top. So fab!

creatures-of-comfort09 creatures-of-comfort21 <> at Capitale on February 12, 2015 in New York City.

– Apologizes, I was so amazed by my surroundings, I forgot to photograph yours truly, therefore I do not have a photo of my day 1 ensemble. Lookout for my day 2 post and complete outfit.



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