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Outfit Details – Skirt: Zara (Old) Similar Here , Here , and here| Shirt: J. Brand | Vest: Adrienne Landau Similar Here and Here| Bag: Prada Similar Here and Here| Shoes: Helmut Lang Similar Here and Here

Winter goggles is that feeling you get towards the beginning of May. Very similar to graduation goggles, boyfriend goggles, and job goggles, it is that nostalgic feeling one gets when they are leaving some pathetic, probably terrible phase and moving on. All of a sudden when that that thing is gone, all it’s bad habits and annoyances are suddenly endearing and something you cannot live without. Your boyfriend’s snoring-is now a soft hum that puts you to sleep. Your clingy, smelly co-worker – now a BFF you don’t know what you would have done without. After complaining about winter for 6 months, now that it is actually gone, the winter goggles creep up. Snow is no longer a dirty thing that ruined all your boots. Rather, it’s that fluffy, beautiful white powder that you looked at while sipping hot cocoa.

As most New Yorkers are saying good bye to winter for a few months and feeling some nostalgia, I am saying good bye to New York for good. The husband and I are picking our born and bred New York selves and moving to Florida. The nostalgia has fully kicked in. Everything I once hated about New York has completely been forgotten, and replaced with love for NYC, the land of paradise and bliss.

As I packed away my coats, furs, gloves and hats into storage boxes to be left in my mom’s garage, I was literally crying. I could not imagine a life without furry vests, beanies, and tights (something I once loathed). So, I began planning how I can incorporate my winter items into my new Floridian wardrobe, so I would not have to say good bye to my fav pieces. I promised myself I will stay committed to my New York style…furs, leather, suede, collared shirts and all. Cheers to a new chapter and what is ahead!



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