Jean skirt and Birkenstocks

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Outfit Details – Skirt: Zara | Shirt: James Perse James Perse | Shoes: Birkenstock | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Since the beginning of time, summer for me meant jean skirts, white tees and comfy shoes. Chances are I have similar pictures of me dressed exactly like this, only 10 years younger. The hair a little more unkempt, and a brother or two literally beating me up, but the outfit nonetheless the same.

One of my biggest beliefs is “Beauty takes pain.” There is nothing more uplifting than cinching the waist, putting on 4″ heels, popping 2 advils and starting your night. However, if that is WHAT you have to do to feel like a woman, then that is a problem. There is something so beautiful, carefree, and empowering about showing the stripped down, comfortable side of yourself. You are no less of a woman, and no less attractive.

So wear your basics fashionably, proudly and on display.


P.S I spent the day in Costco, lugging around a cart double my size. EVERYTHING hurts. I now have another belief in life, “Being economical takes pain.”



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