Shabbos Dresses

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Outfit Details – Dress: Erin Fetherston Also love this one and this one, Shoes: Christian Louboutin Cheaper version Here.

Laugh at the title of this post all you want, it does not change the fact that there is nothing like a good Shabbos dress. By Shabbos dress, I mean a dress that can be pulled out for the few times a year you go to shul, the occasional Shabbos meal, and for the Bar/Bat mitzvah, engagement party or wedding guilt tripped on you by your grandmother.

Dating back to the age of Zoe’ dresses with far too many ruffles and bows on them, shabbos dresses are a Jewish girl’s closet essential. We all want more of it, we seem to can‘t get enough of it, and yet we want to get rid of all of it.

Xo – MB


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