Dress right for your body type. 12.1.15

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No two women nor their bodies are the same. A woman’s unique body should be her guide book on how she should dress.

If you ask me, this world is divided into two groups; Those who dress well, and those who don’t. The rather unfortunate group, that seem to have a terrible fashion sense, and cannot manage to get a decent outfit together, is not in this group because of their body types but rather because they are not dressing right for their body type.

Let’s hypothetically pretend one was able to afford Kendall Jenner’s million dollar outfit she wore for a brisk stroll through her perfect little life in and one purchased this exact outfit. Unless you are 6 feet and 95 pounds chances are you will look far from perfect.

Dressing right for your body type will make you look like the woman you want to be. Short legs can become long, waists can appear smaller and assets will be accentuated. No amount of red bottoms, double c’s printed on your bag or uber luxe fabrics can have this same effect. Let your body guide you, not the price tag!

Follow sophia’s guidelines on how she dresses for her tiny framed, 5 foot body. How she elongates her legs, creates faux curves and avoids looking like a tiny 6th grader look alike when she comes out of her closet.

  1. Nude heels will make your legs appear much longer.
  2. Short skirts, dresses and shorts will elongate your legs and overall make you look much taller.
  3. Middy skirts and dresses is a big no, it will minus 5 inches off our height and add 5 pounds to your body.
  4. Skinny jeans will make you look leaner and taller.
  5. Fit and flare dresses, high waisted skirts and high waisted jeans will give you the curves you are looking for. Tip: Never split your body in half. Split it into two thirds and one third.
  6. Low cut necks will elongate your neck.
  7. Stick to monochromatic ensembles. One color or two. Hectic patterns and lots of different colors will overwhelm your small frame.

XO – M.B


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